therapeutic deep cleansing treatment

45 minutes/$70 . 60 minutes/ $95 . 75 minutes/ $110 .90 minutes/$125

A comprehensive treatment beginning with an intense and purifying cleanse, followed by an enzyme based exfoliation to restore and retexturize your skin’s surface. Improve circulation with a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage. A revitalizing masque, followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer, will hydrate, protect and promote natural balance to your skin. Extractions are performed as needed.
Pressure point massage of the hands and feet are added to the 90 minute treatment to further relieve tension throughout the body.

Weleda Facial

60 minutes/$95 . 75 minutes/$110 . 90 minutes/$125

Organic, nourishing and completely customized.  This facial utilizes the healing power of biodynamic plant based Weleda products and starts with your skin’s condition now and its type.  This facial is uniquely designed to treat a wide variety of skin types while targeting any present issues.  While this treatment is tailored for each clients needs, this session may include: soothing warm botanical infused towels, skin-specific deep cleanse, replenishing hydration, issue specific treatments including sensitive skin, rosacea, moisture deprived skin and more.  A relaxing face massage regenerates the healing properties of circulation and cellular renewal while hand and foot treatments complete your experience.


petite teen treatment

30 minutes/$55

A beginner’s treatment, for youthful and generally problem-free skin. A gentle cleanse is followed by exfoliation using a rice bran powder to polish the skin’s surface, a masque to soothe and a moisturizer to hydrate. A brief tutorial is offered to foster a healthy and organic approach to skin care.

men’s power cleansing treatment

60 minutes/ $95

An intense deep cleansing regimen designed to specifically target conditions associated with environmentsl stressors. “Power cleansing” techniques such as exfoliation using scrubs, brushes; peels and extractions will act to reverse damage associated with shaving bumps and irritation. Pressure point massage to face and scalp works to invigorate and balance energy. A soothing treatment for the macho man!

purifying back treatment

45 minutes/ $75

Much like the treatment for the face, this deep cleansing treatment is designed to address the hard-to-reach areas of the back! A deep cleanse, enzyme or granular based exfoliation, extractions if needed and a customized masque will work to protect and restore natural balance to your skin…an ideal treatment to decongest a clogged and blemished back!