therapeutic deep cleansing treatment

45 minutes/$70 .  60 minutes/ $95  .  75 minutes/ $110  .90 minutes/$125

A comprehensive treatment beginning with an intense and purifying cleanse, followed by an enzyme based exfoliation to restore and retexturize your skin’s surface. Improve circulation with a soothing face, neck and shoulder massage. A revitalizing masque, followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer, will hydrate, protect and promote natural balance to your skin.  Extractions are performed as needed.

Pressure point massage of the hands and feet are added to the 90 minute treatment to further relieve tension throughout the body.

petite teen treatment

30 minutes/$55

A beginner’s treatment, for youthful and generally problem-free skin.  A gentle cleanse is followed by exfoliation using a rice bran powder to polish the skin’s surface, a masque to soothe and a moisturizer to hydrate.  A brief tutorial is offered to foster a healthy and organic approach to skin care.

skin brightening treatment

60 minutes/ $85

Balance areas of uneven pigmentation caused by UV exposure, hormones and stress!  These ultra-gentle professional treatments combined with a committed daily regimen at home can actually regulate melanin production at a cellular level to brighten and even out skin tone leaving a natural dewy glow.  An ideal treatment for brides-to-be!

multiVitamin power treatment

60 minutes/ $110 .    Series of 6 treatments /$600

First ever maximum strength exfoliant in a lipid base provides optimum skin smoothness with minimal irritation. This exfoliation works to visibly reduce signs of premature aging by facilitating cell renewal to balance skin tone and control hyperpigmentation.  A recovery masque containing a cocktail of vitamins and soothing botanicals work to exfoliate and repair environmentally damaged skin while noticeably improving elasticity, tone, and texture.

* For maximum results, we recommend a MultiVitamin power treatment in a series of six sessions
* Contraindicated for clients using Retin A or Accutane.

men’s power cleansing treatment

60 minutes/ $95

An intense deep cleansing regimen designed to specifically target conditions associated with environmentsl stressors.  “Power cleansing” techniques such as exfoliation using scrubs, brushes; peels and extractions will act to reverse damage associated with shaving bumps and irritation.  Pressure point massage to face and scalp works to invigorate and balance energy.  A soothing treatment for the macho man!

purifying back treatment

45 minutes/ $75

Much like the  treatment for the face,  this deep cleansing treatment is designed to address the hard-to-reach areas of the back! A deep cleanse, enzyme or granular based exfoliation, extractions if needed and a customized masque will work to protect and restore natural balance to your skin…an ideal treatment to decongest a clogged and blemished back!



therapeutic massage.

30 minutes/$55 .  45 minutes/$70 .  60 minutes/ $95.   ninety minutes/ $125

More intense and specific techniques are combined with traditional massage strokes in order to address issues in muscles and connective tissues including: tendonitis, trigger points, immobility or general muscle pain from injury or overuse.  Modalities such has heat, cold, ointments and rubs may used as needed.  Promotes general relaxation of muscular and nervous systems to enhace circulation and to maintain or improve range of motion and joint mobility.

hot stone massage

60 minutes/ $105 .   90 minutes/ $130

Hot river stones are used in conjunction with traditional strokes in order to further warm & more deeply penetrate sore muscles and aching joints. The heat promotes circulation, while assisting in detoxification of the body.  The stones offer a healing and grounding affect to enhace a deep state of relaxation.


30 minutes/ $55

Precise zones are massaged according to the traditional “map” of the feet and lower leg. A simple way to decrease stress, pain and tension while improving circulation and energy flow throughout the body.


Custom ingredients combined with mineral salts and natural skin smoothing enzymes dissolve away dulling debris. Improves circulation to purify, smoothe and revitalize skin’s texture.

sole survival foot treatment

45 minutes $70

Smoothe and revitalize tired, aching tootsies with an invigorating foot scrub, followed by an ultra-rich moisture masque before drifting off with a relaxing reflexology session.


Distinctive treatments designed to pamper and
support both the physical and emotional
well-being of expectant mothers.

prenatal massage.

60 minutes/ $95

A combination of massage techniques are performed to address specific issues women experience during pregnancy, such as: edema, sciatica, headaches, muscle fatigue and soreness.  Special consideration placed upon comfortable positioning and delicate pressure points.

hot paraffin wax.

Hands and feet are wrapped in hot paraffin dipped bandages to penetrate aching joints and further hydrate the skin.

energizing scalp treatment.


An aromatherapy infused massage to the scalp improves circulation to the head while addressing specific pressure points to relieve tension and balance flow of energy.

total eye care


Refresh and protect your vulnerable eye area. Reduce dark circles and firm up fine lines with skin re-texturizing organic silicones. A gel-based masque promotes hydration while a blend of botanicals work to relive puffiness. Cold marble stones reduce inflammation of tired eyes.

power exfoliant


Upgrade any therapeutic deep cleansing treatment, men’s power cleanse or therapeutic back treatment.

Dermalogica’s™ Skin Exfloliant System™ or MultiVitamin Power Exfoliant™ will retexturize skin’s surface with blends of hydroxy acids, enzymes and vitamins to thoroughly remove surface debris.

*Contraindicated for clients using Retin A or Accutane.

ear candling


Ear candling is a highly effective and noninvasive technique for removing wax and toxin build-up from within the ear canal. This treatment may help alleviate conditions such as: headaches, ear aches, ear infections, ringing in ears, plugged ears, excessive ear wax, hearing challenges, inner ear pressure.

*Ear candling is in no way a cure for any disease, illness or ailment. For clients with severe hearing challenges or chronic conditions, please consult your physician.



brow. $15-20

lip. $12

chin. $8

underarm. $20

1/2 arm. $25-$30

full arm. $30-$45

back. $50-$75

bikini to brazilian. $20-$80

full leg (w/ basic bikini). $70-$80

full leg (w/brazilian). $100-$120

full leg. $55-$75

lower leg. $35

*Contraindicated for clients using Retin A or Accutane.


five elements



45 minute deep cleansing treatment

45 minute therapeutic massage


60 minute deep cleansing treatment

60 minute therapeutic massage




45 minute deep cleansing treatment


45 minute therapeutic massage



60 minute deep cleansing treatment

60 minute therapeutic massage

hand, foot and scalp treatments





60 minute deep cleansing treatment


60 minute therapeutic massage





60 minute deep cleansing treatment

60 minute therapeutic massage



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